What is Focus Ability?

Vision training is more than meets the eye

Your eyes have many wonderful abilities, more than you may know. Our Peripheral Vision and Dynamic Visual Acuity are just some of the ways we experience our world. In Flash Focus, these are called "Focus Abilities", and it is the aim of this game to present fun ways to exercise them.

With regular Flash Focus training, you might be able to see moving objects clearer and your eyes might not tire during your busy day. It could even help you respond more accurately and rapidly to everyday situations.

Ultimately, Flash Focus is about having fun while testing your Focus Abilities with quick puzzles and innovative mini-games. Boost your eye power!

The Five Focus Abilities

Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVA): The eye's ability to accurately follow a moving object. This may be an essential skill in fast-paced sports like car racing.

Momentary Vision: An ability to quickly identify an object as it enters your range of vision. In sports, this skill may be important for quickly spotting movement.

Eye Movement: The eye's ability to rapidly shift focus between targets. This may be an important ability used in daily life, as when reading.

Peripheral Vision: Peripheral Vision allows you to spot objects in the area outside your central vision. This skill can be helpful in tracking movements.

Hand-Eye Coordination (HEC): HEC helps you judge a situation and respond rapidly. These reactions are essential in daily life, not to mention sports.

Challenge the Focus Power

Remember, playing Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day does not improve your vision. Instead, it is a great starting point for people who want to challenge their Focus Abilities.

Flash Focus Activities

New - What's New in Flash Focus?

Take a look at the fun activities and challenge your eye power!

Flash Focus Tips

Tip #1

Keep track of your Eye Age with Eye Age Checks. It's a great way to see the effects of daily training. Check it three times a week to get an accurate idea of your Eye Age.

Tip #2

Performing an Eye Age Check challenges your ability in the five major categories of eye power: Hand-Eye Coordination, Peripheral Vision, Dynamic Visual Acuity, Momentary Vision, and Eye Movement through Recommended or Custom Trainings.

Tip #3

The first time you play, you may find your DS Eye Age higher than your actual age. The better you get at the exercises, the lower your DS Eye Age will become.

Tip #4

To play this software correctly, please hold the Nintendo DS one foot away from your eyes.

Tip #5

As you train each day, new activities will become available.

Tip #6

To help keep players from overstraining their eyes, this title features an Eye Stretch mode that appears after the recommended play time is over.

Where to Buy

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Flash Focus in Action

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